Why I Refuse to Let Instagram Likes Define My Self Worth

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.

Hey guys, it is me again. I have been super busy lately with finals and getting ready to move home for Christmas break. Short post today, but one that is pretty serious.

I am going to cut to the chase: I have not been feeling like myself lately. I could not figure out what was wrong, and then I got to the root of the problem. I have constantly been comparing myself to others on social media platforms lately, especially Instagram. I usually have a pretty high level of self love and self confidence, but here lately, I have found myself wondering, “why hasn’t my picture got as many likes as hers? Why does her friend comment on that picture, but mine doesn’t comment on mine? Why can I not have a body like that?”

I got so fed up with myself thinking these derogatory things about myself. I used to pride myself in not caring what others thought about me and being carefree; my social media was a place for me to show how much I loved my friends, family, and wonderful boyfriend, not a place for me to go to degrade myself and compare to others.

So, I deleted Instagram for a month.

I didn’t look to see how many likes my picture got and compare it to others, I did not look on the explore page and see girls on the beach with skin-tight bikinis on. Instead, I took a month off and found my self-love again and self-worth. A month might not be very long, but it still has done a lot for me.

I have re-downloaded the app and have continued posting on it, but not anymore for the benefit of getting a certain amount of likes or to over-analyze other females. I post on there now because I have self-love and love my friends and family and want others to see that.

Social media is a wonderful thing, trust me (I literally have a job running social media campaigns for my colleges’ school of business), but be careful- make sure you use it for the right reasons. And always remember, love yourself first.

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