A Little Bit About Me

My name is Kaydi and I am from a small town in southern Indiana that you have probably never heard of… what I always end up asking people is, “Have you heard of Holiday World?” When I get the familiar nod, I proceed to tell them I live about twenty minutes southeast of there.

Writing this, I feel like I am in an interview and I am getting asked to “tell a little about myself.” If I give you the cookie-cutter answer, I would say the following: I am a nineteen year old female and I attend the University of Southern Indiana. I study marketing and public relations and will get my bachelor’s degree in December of 2019. I enjoy writing, watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, and playing tennis.

…but let’s not be boring here.

To be honest, when asked to describe myself, I sometimes don’t know how to answer. I mean, I am a 19 year old girl trying to figure out my life. All I really know for a fact is I have dreams and aspirations to move to a bigger city and pursue a successful career. I somehow have this burning desire in me to succeed and live my life just for me.

OK, OK… let’s get off the cliché train.

On a lighter note, there are a few things I am pretty fond of that I wouldn’t mention in an interview. One of those things being food. I mean, for real, if you ask my boyfriend or any one of my friends, they will tell you I am one of the biggest foodies they know. I love to try new foods and go to different restaurants any time I go somewhere new.

Another thing I enjoy is music and concerts. In particular, Indie/Folk music. My favorite music artist is Vance Joy. I also enjoy the Lumineers, Twenty-One Pilots, Lord Huron, and Borns.

Last but not least, I love a good cup of joe and a nice place to enjoy it. Hot, iced, an espresso, or flat white. You name it, and I will drink it. I very much enjoy coffee shops and the sweet taste of coffee.

“And when she stood, she stood tall. She’ll make a fool of you all.”

7 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Living your life for yourself is not a cliche’, it’s a necessity. Never life up to other people’s expectations. At your age, my grandfather drilled into me, “to things own self be true,” I modified over the years and taught it to many people. “If you don’t like what doing – don’t watch me do it!” Good luck figuring it all out. Remember, you can take a sharp turn to the left anytime you want. (Smile)

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